LES Meeting Mar. 23- Elaine Westcott and Steven Kutcher

The Lorquin Entomological Society will be having its March meeting this Friday, March 23, 2012. The speaker will be Elaine Westcott and Lorquin member Steven Kutcher. The talk will include the history and use of the aerial net and what is involved with catching a flying insect with an insect net.

Elaine Westcott

Elaine Westcott is a self-described "bee enthusiast" and is currently two months away from receiving her Bachelor or Arts in Biology from Occidental College in Los Angeles where she has spent the past four years studying environmental science from both the scientific and social perspectives. Thanks to a grant Elaine spent all of last summer in European cities exploring urban beekeeping as a global phenomenon.

Long time Lorquin member Steven Kutcher received his Bachelor of Science in entomology from the University of California, Davis and his Masters of Arts in biology specializing in insect behavior and ecology from California State University, Long Beach. He has been a member of Lorquin since the mid 1960s. Kutcher is an entomological educator, biology teacher, artist, consultant for the film industry, inventor, lover of nature, and creator of the insect fair.
Doors open at 7:00PM meeting starts at 8:00PM
Venue is the BioQuip Warehouse

(Steven Kutcher not pictured due to limited capabilities of website functions.)


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