2011 BioQuip Holiday Open House- In Review

This year's holiday open house was by far one of the best BioQuip has ever had. The Showcase Contest produced a never before seen amount of dedication and creativity in meticulously arranging arthropods in a display case. The arrangements presented a few surprises throughout the competition. BioQuip's summer intern Royce Cumming displayed his photography and collection which were admired throughout the night.

The BioQuip Holiday Open House was a great way to end a good year of collecting. It was a great chance to catch up with fellow collectors and friends.

Entomologists "swarming" the wonderful food provided by BioQuip.
The BioQuip Bugs Showroom was open for guests to browse.
Some live arthropods were even up for sale.
Art Evans (left) flew across the country to attend the open house and judge the display contest.
The three judges for the Showcase Contest. From left: David Faulkner, Jeanne Bellemin, and Art Evans.
Jeanne Bellemin and David Faulkner busy inspecting the displays in contest.
The winners of the Showcase Contest with their arthropod displays. From left: Mark Feldman, James Shannon, Robert Hebert, Ken Osborne, Rick Rogers, and Don Bofenkamp
Chris Fall (left) with Royce Cumming (right) and his display setup

BioQuip CEO Louise Fall (left) with Royce Cumming.

Jerri Larsson (left) and Aric Mellot (right) working at the busy front desk.

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