LES Meeting March 25

The Lorquin Entomological Society will meet this Friday, March 25, at 8 PM at BioQuip, in Rancho Dominguez.  Our speaker will be Dr. Chris Conlan. Dr. Conlan is currently a Vector Ecologist for San Diego and an expert on Saturniidae. As a Vector Ecologist, he monitors the organisms that carry a disease and pass the disease onto Humans in San Diego County. Some of the vectors he works with include mosquitoes which carry the West Nile Virus.

R cincta guerreronis caterpillar
His real passion is inthe Saturniidae. Chris said that “My interest in Saturniids is what got me into Entomology as a kid, and that interest continues today. I have been rearing and collecting them since I was a small child.”

 Dr. Chris Conlan got his doctorate in Entomology from U.C. Davis in 1988. Since then he has been working as a professional entomologist.

Photo courtesy of the 'Network'


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