LES 2010 Pot Luck

Everyone had great fun at the 2010 Annual LES Pot Luck hosted by our good friends at BioQuip. Great food, great friends, and great presentations made this night wonderful.

Plenty of delicious food was brought in by members. Thank You all who brought in food.

Who can forget these great homemade cupcakes adorned with bug themed decorations.

Many members brought in their collections to share and display for all to see. In the image below you can see Dave showing off his collection of Hercules Beetles. An award winning collection indeed. 

Below Dave once again shows off his collection but this one looks a bit odd.

Our special guest, 3D photographer Barry Rothstein brought in some samples of his recent works dealing with 3D photography. His current project involves creating a children's book featuring 3 dimensional real insect photography. He wowed many members with his highly eye popping 3D effect in pictures. One of the must sees of the night.

Barry Rothstein (left) Steven Kutcher with his mind blown looking at 3D (right)

Bob Wuttken admiring Rothstein's work (left) Clark Thompson viewing picture in 3D (right)
Blaine Hebert giving his first speeches as President.

Dave Wikle holding one of the many raffle Prizes.

Thank you BioQuip for letting the Lorquin Entomological Society have this annual Pot Luck at the facilities. We thank you for letting LES meet in the future.

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