Insects Make Headlines

Jewel Beetle Shimmer Could Offer Blueprint For Materials That Reflect Light
ScienceDaily (2009-07-27) -- "Jewel beetles" are widely known for their glossy external skeletons that appear to change colors as the angle of view changes. Now they may be known for something else -- providing a blueprint for materials that reflect light rather than absorbing it to produce colors.

Scientists Identify Weevil As Biocontrol For Invasive Garlic Mustard
ScienceDaily (2009-07-27) -- A promising biocontrol agent for garlic mustard, one of the most problematic invaders of temperate forests in North America, has been identified.

Inbred Bumblebees Less Successful Due To 'Inefficient' Males
ScienceDaily (2009-07-26) -- Declining bumblebee populations are at greater risk of inbreeding, which can trigger a downward spiral of further decline. Researchers have provided the first proof that inbreeding reduces colony fitness under natural conditions by increasing the production of reproductively inefficient 'diploid' males.


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