LES Meeting Featured Speaker Dr. Lisa Scheinin

The December 18th LES Meeting will feature Dr. Lisa Scheinin as our guest speaker.

Dr. Lisa Scheinin attended Johns Hopkins University where she was a member of the very first Freshman class to admit women. She was also a charter member of the Maryland Entomological Society. Dr. Scheinin went on to attend graduate school and medical school at the University of Maryland.

Another of Dr. Scheinin's other interests besides Lepidoptera collecting is riding roller coasters. In total she has ridden more than 1300 roller coasters in more than 30 countries on six continents. She is also a member of several roller coaster clubs in USA and Europe and is an Honorary Member of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts).

Dr. Scheinin currently works as a forensic pathologist (deputy medical examiner) for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. She is happily employed for the past 18 years.

Picture courtesy of Network


BioQuip's 26th Holiday Open House

 The BioQuip 26th Annual Holiday Open House had a great turn-out. Many LES members and their families attended this fun affair and brought with them their own display cases for The Ultimate Show-Yours!

Thanks to all the great people at BioQuip for hosting such an event.

 The BioQuip Showroom was as busy as ever.

 Aric Mellott and Jerri Larson busily working behind the counter attending to customers.

Authors of Moths of Western North America, Jerry A. Powell and Paul A. Opler, had book signing sessions throughout the day.

  Jerry A. Powell

 Paul A. Opler

 The massive BioQuip warehouse was where the show was at all day

Guests taking a closer look at the drawers and cases put out for the The Ultimate Show-Yours competition where guests set up one drawer or case for judging.

The insect drawer of 7 year old Andrew Hirshara that won in the Youth category Congratulations


 Tony Nefas (right) showing off his certificate and drawer after a win

The "wow" factor win with the drawer full of various scorpions

Dale Halbritter (right), recipient of the BioQuip Undergraduate Scholarship, poses with BioQuip CEO Louis Fall.

Dale Halbritter is senior at the University of California, Riverside, majoring in Entomology.

All the wonderful people working behind the scenes that make an event like this possible.


Bioquip's Annual Holiday Open House

Come to the Bioquip Holiday Open House
this Saturday December 5th
11 to 5 o'clock

Many LES members will attend this event. There will be the Untimate Show Competition with prizes for winners and a prize for participants under the age of 18 also.

More Information Here: http://www.bioquip.com/2009OpenHouse


Happy Thanksgiving

The Lorquin Entomological Society Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving


LES Meeting Speaker Dr. James N. Hogue

Dr. James (Jim) N. Hogue will be speaking at the Lorquin Entomological Society Meeting this Friday Nov. 20th.

Dr. James Hogue grew up in Los Angeles CA and received a B.S. in Biology at the University of California Los Angeles, M.S. and Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology at Utah State University. He is currently the Manager of Biological Collections and a part-time lecturer in the Biology Department at California State University in Northridge.

"I teach classes in General Biology, Evolution, and plants and Animals of Southern California." -Hogue

"I am a lifelong insect collector and am interested in anything that has to do with living things, especially insects. My particular entomological interests (things on which I have written and given talks) are beetles, the roles of insects in human culture and history, insect photography, and the ecology of running water ecosystems. I am also very interested in the systematics and natural history of flies, especially crane flies, the topic of this Friday’s talk." -Hogue

Dr. Hogue will be talking about the largest and earliest lineage of flies. These are most familiar to people as "long-legged mosquito-like" insects which fly in living rooms at night. The meeting will touch upon the biology, systematics, and specimen preparation of these insects.

Photos courtesy of Dr. James N. Hogue


Lorquin Pinning WorkShop

Back in June, our own Bedros Orchanian held a free Insect Pinning Workshop that mainly focused on the basic  pinning techniques for Lepidoptera of various sizes. All participants could take home their works of art when they were finished.

The workshop was held before the meeting which gave everyone time to share techniques.

People of all ages enjoyed learning how to set butterflies and moths. For some, pinning and displaying these beautiful specimens were a first for them. 


Photos courtosy of Bedros Orchanian


Guest Speaker Dr. Marc Epstein

Dr. Marc E. Epstein from the Calif. Dept. of Food & Agriculture will speak on LBAM (Light Brown Apple Moth) at the LES Meeting this Friday Oct. 30.


Dr. Marc E. Epstein is a Senior Insect Biosystematist at the Calif. Dept. of Food & Agriculture. He has a Doctorate of Philosophy (entomology) from the University of Minnesota, Master of Science (entomology) from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science (entomology & zoology) from Colorado State University.


Photo courtesy of California Department of Food & Agriculture


Lorquin at the Cal Poly Insect Fair 10/17 & 10/18



Show & Tell


Show & Tell

Show & Tell was a big success once again. Thank You Bioquip for letting LES to hold the meeting at the facilities. Thank You everyone who brought food.

The Show & Tell had a great turn out and lots of photo presentations.

Dr. Art Evans was our special guest and stayed long after the meeting was over for book signings.

Stay Tuned for Photos


From the Entomological Society of America (ESA)


From the Entomological Society of America (ESA)


Insects Make Headlines

Jewel Beetle Shimmer Could Offer Blueprint For Materials That Reflect Light
ScienceDaily (2009-07-27) -- "Jewel beetles" are widely known for their glossy external skeletons that appear to change colors as the angle of view changes. Now they may be known for something else -- providing a blueprint for materials that reflect light rather than absorbing it to produce colors.

Scientists Identify Weevil As Biocontrol For Invasive Garlic Mustard
ScienceDaily (2009-07-27) -- A promising biocontrol agent for garlic mustard, one of the most problematic invaders of temperate forests in North America, has been identified.

Inbred Bumblebees Less Successful Due To 'Inefficient' Males
ScienceDaily (2009-07-26) -- Declining bumblebee populations are at greater risk of inbreeding, which can trigger a downward spiral of further decline. Researchers have provided the first proof that inbreeding reduces colony fitness under natural conditions by increasing the production of reproductively inefficient 'diploid' males.


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