Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Lorquin Entomological Society: January 23, 2010

After enjoying a delicious meal prepared by the membership, a brief business meeting was conducted, beginning with past-President, Dave Wikle, who introduced Blaine Hebert, LES President for 2010.

The meeting venue was the BioQuip Products office in Rancho Dominguez. Approximately 60 members and guests attended this, our annual Potluck Dinner meeting.

Dave Wikle asked for Newsletters articles. Photos and text in MS WORD are best.

There will be a Santa Monica Mts. Festival this year in April. Venue will be the Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills. More details are forthcoming.

Jim Hogue has a 12-drawer cabinet for Cornell drawers for sale. Asking price is $50.

Collecting Reports
Emile Fiesler presented digital images from recent field trips. The following species were presented: Bristle Millipede, Polyxenus anacapensis; Multicolored centipede, Scolopendra polymorpha, not uncommon; Two-pronged Bristletail, Campodea kelloggi, not uncommon; Globular Springtail, Ptenothrix renateae, not uncommon; Ant Cricket, Myrmecophilus oregonensis; Pink Webspinner, Haploembia solieri; Limoniid Crane Fly, Erioptera pilipes, relatively common; Minute Hooded Beetle, Sericoderus quadratus, not uncommon.

Old Business – none

New Business
Chris Fall offered use of the BioQuip Products office as a permanent venue for LES Meetings. Most LES members like BioQuip for meetings, as shown by an informal vote.

Blaine Hebert spoke about the Page Museum, located at the La Brea Tar Pits, as an alternate meeting venue. There is a classroom, which will accommodate us. A Saturday date would be necessary. Admission is free and parking is $7. The museum has a fossil insect collection, which would make an interesting field trip.

Blaine Hebert recognized the following LES Officers for their contributions in 2009 and for volunteering to serve in 2010: Dave Wikle, Newsletter; Kat Halsey, Treasurer; Bill Gendron, Secretary; Alex Nguyen, Webmaster.

Jeanne Bellemin presented photos of her 2009 El Camino College students taken during their course of study and field trips. Trip destinations included the James Reserve, Madrona Marsh, BioQuip Products, Insect Zoo and Butterfly House at LAMNH, Malibu Creek, and Fulmer Lake, among others.

New member and Stereographer, Barry Rothstein, spoke of his plans to produce a book of insect photos in 3D. He needs specimens for his photography. Interested members are invited to participate. You may reach Barry at

Treasurer’s report:
Potluck expenses: $222.43 – refreshments, $68.03; rental of 8 tables and 50 chairs, $154.40. Raffle tickets sold: $282.00 raised. Dues Paid: $215, including $35 from new members.

Thank you, everyone, who donated prizes for the raffle. Your generosity makes this event a success every year.

Following completion of the raffle, the meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting
LES will meet next on Friday, February 26, at 8 pm. The meeting venue will be BioQuip Products office in Rancho Dominguez.

The above, ‘Minutes,’ were submitted by Secretary Bill Gendron on February 7, 2010. 'Minutes' posted by Alexander Nguyen, LES BLog Manager, on February 8, 2010

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